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What is the Crysalis Project?

Coming from the long-time  experience of CRAMS, Crysalis is a project oriented to the reseach and the development of new expressive methods directed to the realization of workshops and artistic paths for disabled people.

Currently the Crysalis project is divided into:

  • Crysalis Art: musical and artistic workshops and the creation of music performances;
  • Crysalis Lab: a research center in the field of music informatics and new technologies;
  • Crysalis School: training and consultation activities on methods and technologies developed by the Crysalis team;


The expressiveness workshops are based on the needs and on the aims of the hosting facilities. The working path can be designed as a recreational moment, a therapeutic treatment or as an activity of social inclusion.

The technologies and the methods adopted are at the service of the medical/social equipe and can be used both in little and big work groups or individually, when the focus is on the pro-active reaction of one user.

Since 2007 we have organized workshops all around Italy and Switzerland working with more than 300 users.


Crysalis Lab is the research and technology development section of the Crysalis project. The primary focus is the realization of expressiveness and creativity technological systems based on music and oriented to the ludic-therapeutic-rehabilitative activities. The implementation fields of our technologies are the physical therapeutic, neuropsychiatric and social.


Thanks to the past experiances in the field of music therapy, the Crysalis team offers innovative education and training courses about expressiveness and disability, regarding both the educational and the musical fields, aiming to increase the number of people able to manage musical workshops with disabled people. The courses are primary oriented to professionals who work with disabled people (educators, teachers, psychologist, physiotherapists, …).

The priority is to train specialized workers on the rehabilitation potential, both in social and healthcare aspects, linked to the use of our technologies and methods: the goal is to train autonomous professionals able to design and manage expressiveness workshops.


The Crysalis project was born with the support of the Cariplo Foundation and is rooted in the previous interreg Italy-Switzerland project “Il radioforte del suono”, awarded as an excellence among all the Interreg 2007-2013 Lombard projects.
Crysalis is supported with eight per thousand funds of the Valdese Church (Union of Methodist and Waldensian churches) “

Contact us if you believe you are our potential partner in future projects!


Crysalis is a CRAMS project, our offices are inside CRAMS - LECCO facilities

via ai poggi 14, Lecco - ITALIA
+39 0341 250819